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Applications   Baseball and Sporting Events: See how MIPRO can make sure everyone enjoys every sound of the game!
Download (9.41 MB)
Applications   Funeral Homes and Cemeteries: Don't let outdoor noises interrupt memorable moments!
Download (1.71 MB)
Applications   Marching Bands: Never miss a step, beat or a note!
Download (2.41 MB)
Applications   Entertainers: Whether you're pulling a rabbit from the hat or juggling, make sure you're heard over the cheers of your audience.
Download (2.21 MB)
Applications   Jazzercise: Stop giving your voice a workout and get heard
Download (3.06 MB)
Applications   Halloween: Portable Wireless PA systems are screaming their way into the Haunted House and Halloween business this year.
Download (1.82 MB)
Applications   Auctioneering: Auctioneers need to be heard while they are bid calling and will appreciate how clear and powerful MIPRO wireless PA systems are.
Download (1.67 MB)
Applications   Golf: High school golf, college golf and even corporate shot gun outing attendees will need to hear rules and directions loud and clear.
Download (1.80 MB)
Applications   Missionary: Missionaries in the remote field need to get their mesagge out. They need a dependable and rugged wirless PA system that will help to amplify their voice over the crowd noise and other distractions without yelling.
Download (1.79 MB)
Applications   Playground: With so many children running and playing outdoors itís a task just to keep up with them. MIPRO wireless PA systems help teachers by amplifying their voice outdoors without the added strain of screaming and yelling to be heard.
Download (2.40 MB)
Applications   Tennis: High school, college and even the pros will appreciate how clear and powerful MIPRO wireless PA systems are. These rugged PAs will help amplify your voice over the cheers and crowd noise without yelling.
Download (1.73 MB)
Applications   Not sure which models are fit which applications? Check out this handy chart!
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Applications   Videographers find having a portable PA system helps to streamline communications during video shoots. Watch this Episode of What's Tracking
ISO Certification   MIPRO is ISO-9001:2000 certified.
ISO 9001 Quality management systems - Requirements is intended for use in any organization which designs, develops, manufactures, installs and/or services any product or provides any form of service. It provides a number of requirements which an organization needs to fulfill if it is to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations.
Comparison Chart   Find out which features belong to each of the MIPRO systems
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360 Visualiziation   MA-101a (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-101a - 360 Visualiz.....
360 Visualiziation   MA-705 (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-705 - 360 Visualizer.swf
360 Visualiziation   MA-707 (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-707 - 360 Visualizer.swf
Interactive Functions   MA-707 (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-707 - Interactive F.....
Interactive Functions   MA-808 (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-808 - Interactive F.....
Interactive Functions   MA-708 (Note: Browser must have Adobe Flash installed)
mipro.starin.biz/files/MA-708 - Interactive F.....
Guide   Accessory - Quick Set-up Guide
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FAQ   Earbuds, In-Ear Monitors and more - what you need to know when buying or selling these products
Video   MA-708 Portable Wireless PA System
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