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*Images may show accessories or configurations not packaged with this SKU MA-100du (6B)
Model Name #MA-100du
‡Personal Wireless Dual-Receiver 50-Watt PA System with USB Player / Recorder (6B Band, No mic)

• Crowd Sizes up to 200
• 16 channel wireless receiver built-in; Wireless microphone sold SEPARATELY
• AC & Battery powered
• 8 hour Battery operation time; 4 hour battery charge time
• Frequency range: 644-668MHz
Optional Accessories:
2FA013 Power cable for MA-100, MA-101A, MA-101C, MA-202, MA-303, MA-705, MA-707, MA-708, MA808
ACT-3H (6B) Supercardioid Condenser Handheld Microphone (LED, AA Battery Power) (6B)
MB-10 14.8V/2.6 Ah Lithium Rechargeable Battery for MA-100/303
MM-107 Dynamic mic with curly cable (1/4" plug)
MS-30 Tripod Microphone Stand for MA-100, MA-101, MA-202, MA303 series
MU-53HN 10mm Uni-directional Sweat-resist Cardioid Headworn Microphone (Black)
MU-53L Unidirectional Cardioid Condenser 10mm Lavaliere Microphone (TA4F Connector, Black)
MU-55HN 4.5mm Omni-directional Water-proof Headworn MIPRO Microphone- mini-XLR (Black)
MU-55L Omni-directional Sub-miniature 4.5mm Lavaliere Microphone (TA4F Connector, Black)
MU-55LS Omni-directional Sub-miniature 4.5mm Lavaliere Microphone (TA4F Connector, Beige)
SC-10 MA-101 Storage & Carry Bag
Parts Optional Accessories:
1BSA0001 ON/OFF Knobs
1MLA0140 Antenna
1WBB0011 Battery Compartment Cover for MA-100
1WCA0010 Front Frame for MA-100
1WCB0041 Facial Panel of MA-100/303
1WFA0008 Sponge
1WIA0090 Control Plate
1WSA0017 Speaker for MA-100
1WSB0027 Speaker Grille for MA-100
2MD007 Remote control for older version MA-100/202/303 series equipped with 4MCD0009 player module
7AE038 Pre-Assembly Material
Item Pricing:
List $600.00
Shipping Weight 7.10 lbs
Master Carton: 4
Shipping Dimensions 9.0"W x 14.0"H x 12.0"D
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