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Question: [MA202] Can I get the music files on my SD card to play in the order that I want them to? [Show Answer]
Question: Does MIPRO have an online FAQ? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I adjust the volume on the MA101 / MA101a / MA101c's line input? [Show Answer]
Question: What are the exact frequencies of the 16 channels in each of the 3 bands? [Show Answer]
Question: My MA808PA sounds great when it’s used by itself, but when I connect my MA808EXP expansion speaker I lose the high or the low frequencies. [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use my MIPRO VHF or UHF single channel / fixed frequency modular receivers in the MIPRO PA speakers? [Show Answer]
Question: What size speaker mount hole is on the bottom of the Mipro PA Systems? And can I use any tripod speaker stand? [Show Answer]
Question: Are the MA705PA and MA707PA able to operate permanently on AC? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the battery life of the rechargeable battery on the teacher microphone of the MA101-ACT system? [Show Answer]
Question: What are the temperature limits of MIPRO equipment? [Show Answer]
Question: Are the remote controls for the MIPRO CD/MP3 players RF wireless or Infrared? [Show Answer]
Question: What battery do I get when I purchase the MA202? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the difference between the Lithium Polymer (#MB25) and the Lead Acid batteries (#MB30)? [Show Answer]
Question: Normal portable wireless PA system has a maximum operating range less than 330-ft/ 100- meter. What if I need to transmit to a much longer distance like 1 mile/ 1.6 Kilometer or beyond? [Show Answer]
Question: Can you tell me if the external speaker jack is configured so that the external speaker is wired in parallel or in series with the internal speaker? [Show Answer]
Question: How many extension speakers can I connect to an MA705PA, an MA707PA, MA708, or an MA808PA? [Show Answer]
Question: We purchased a MIPRO MA-705 / MA705 / MA708 / MA808) Portable Wireless PA System from you last year and are in need of another power cord for it. Can you please send me a quote? [Show Answer]
Question: I'm trying to pair the MTM-90 transmitter to MRM-70 receivers and the channel numbers match, but it's not working. [Show Answer]
Question: Can MIPRO power supplies use both 120 and 240 volt AC sources? [Show Answer]
Question: What audio sources can be recorded onto the DPM3 Digital Audio Recorder Module? [Show Answer]
Question: What MIPRO Portable PA Systems will accept the DPM3 Digital Audio Recorder/Player? [Show Answer]
Question: The MT101ACT and MT202ACT look physically the same. Can they use the same batteries? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use any AA-sized battery for the MT-101ACT and MT-202ACT? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the difference between the various MA-505 SKUs? [Show Answer]
Question: What's the difference between ear buds and in-ear monitors? And which do I use for an in-ear monitor system? [Show Answer]
Question: Now that many MIPRO speakers have a Bluetooth receiver, are there any limitations to Bluetooth that I should know about? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the difference between the ACT-30H and the ACT-32H? [Show Answer]
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